What We Do For You

We understand the unique needs and challenges of HKers

Moving overseas isn’t easy. It comes with its unique challenges and hurdles. A different culture, different accents, and new opportunities. We’re here to support you in your new life in the UK.

We’ll help you break the cultural barrier and find your spot in the UK job market.

Achieve your career goals in the UK

From building a career plan to perfecting your CV.

From finding the right job opportunities to preparing for interviews.

We partner with Find A Good Boss UK to give you the best career guidance and opportunities.

What We Do For Employers

At Red Packet, we help your business succeed.

We assist you in assembling a team of talented professionals through part-time, contract, and full-time positions or job sharing so your business can grow and thrive.

We offer various market testing services, from research and analysis to support when entering or testing a new market. Data-driven decisions mitigate risks and maximise return on investment for your business.

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Why Choose Us

  • FREE Job Seeking Support
  • Culturally Aware
  • Discounted Qualification Courses
  • FREE Consultation for Employers
  • Collaborative Partnership
  • Expert Insight

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Connecting talent to the best jobs

At Red Packet, our mission is to connect HKers with meaningful employment. 

Whether you’re looking for a job or searching for talented staff, we can assist you.

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