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Our mission is to create opportunities for all HKers to find meaningful employment. We want to help you conquer your dream life here in the UK.

Finding a job can be difficult for anyone, and it’s especially challenging for those unfamiliar with the local job market or culture.

We understand the unique challenges HKers may face in their job searching efforts, and we’re here to help and support you in this journey.

We partner with Find A Good Boss UK, a social enterprise that shares our commitment to supporting new immigrants and ethnic minorities, creating a more inclusive and diverse workforce.

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Your Next Career Move

At Red Packet, we understand that everyone is unique. You have your own needs, goals, and desires. And we’ll help you find the perfect job in the UK.

We support you through your job searching journey, assisting you to position yourself in the UK market. From beginning to end, we’ll be there with you.

From career consultation and CV crafting to matching you with exciting opportunities and helping you prepare for your interviews.

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Qualification Is Key

Red Packet offers several courses at the best possible rate to our HKers community.

From green construction courses that will help you enter a growing market to hospitality, beauty, and IT. We have various courses to help further your education and open up the opportunities you desire.

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For Employers

Red Packet helps your business achieve success.

We work closely with employers to find the best candidates for your roles, considering your business's unique requirements.

We offer a variety of market research and analysis services to help your business expand and grow through data-driven decisions that minimise risks and optimise investment returns.

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