My Pied-à-Terre: Prosperity for HKers

My Pied-à-Terre is Red Packet’s inaugural social project. The innovative endeavour aims to aid HKers in kickstarting their lives and business ventures in the UK.

Using the picturesque grounds and facilities surrounding the stunning Minley Manor, only one hour from London, the visionary My Pied-à-Terre project provides a dynamic and short-term platform for HKers to find their footing when coming to the UK.

From short-term accommodation to facilities to help entrepreneurs launch their businesses and propel their dreams towards success, we have what you need to begin your new life overseas. A blend of incubator, accelerator, and social kickstarter, this hub for HKers fosters a space for collaboration and networking, encouraging a constant turnover of occupants to create a vibrant and ever-evolving community.

The beautiful scenery and ample parking space add to the appeal and convenience of Minley Manor alongside the possibility of short-term accommodation, live-work solutions, qualification courses on-site and outdoor events.

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A place to live and work

Red Packet is all about helping HKers build their lives successfully in the UK. My Pied-à-Terre offers solutions for temporary accommodation and business ventures.

Minley Manor’s main annexe, a historical building boasting 17,000 square feet, hosts a space with 40 rooms. Formerly used as officer’s sleeping quarters, it’s ideal for short-term accommodation and live-work studios – offering a comfortable and inspiring environment to nurture your ideas and creativity.

A rich entrepreneurial ecosystem

My Pied-à-Terre offers a rich entrepreneurial ecosystem for you:

     - Short-term accommodations

     - Live-work solutions

     - Central kitchen facilities

     - Qualification courses on-site

     - Networking opportunities

     - Stunning grounds

     - A community for you

Whichever your needs, Red Packet’s project promotes your growth and success. My Pied-à-Terre takes advantage of Minley Manor’s extensive grounds. Including several annexes, cottages, and ample outdoor space, our facilities allow diversified ventures to come to fruition using our structure and expertise.

From gardening and cooking to pop-ups, start-ups, and even hosting boot camps, workshops and wellness retreats. We have the ideal location to attract your clients and treat them to an unforgettable event.

Nature working for you

At Red Packet, we recognise the power of nature in fostering creativity, inspiration, and collaboration. With Pied-à-Terre, you are involved in a community of like-minded HKers taking advantage of our stunning facilities – including indoor and outdoor space.

The 84 acres of outdoor space serves as a serene and picturesque extension to our vibrant community. It harnesses a spirit of innovation, collaboration, and personal growth, providing countless opportunities for you to explore and thrive.

Nature can be a powerful catalyst for personal and entrepreneurial success. You’ll have access to an environment that nurtures business growth, personal well-being, a sense of community, and a deep connection to the surrounding nature.

Vocational opportunities

Pied-à-Terre supports HKers in pursuing success in their new lives in the UK. To reach the prosperity you dream of, we have qualification courses on-site, offered at the best possible price.

These courses allow you to acquire the practical skills and qualifications to enhance your professional journey. They equip you with the knowledge and expertise needed to pursue your desired career and to bring your business ventures the deserved success.

Build your team

Starting a business isn’t easy. The Pied-à-Terre project brings the grounds and facilities to kickstart your ideas in a nurturing and rich entrepreneurial environment that fosters community and networking.

Red Packet has the expertise to help you build the team your business needs. Finding the right candidates who align with your vision and your needs is our priority. We connect your business with a diverse pool of talented individuals, whether you need to expand your team, fill key positions, or recruit specialised talent.

Pied-à-Terre: your prosperity is our priority

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